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Next generation sports betting platform using distributed ledger technology to offer transparent betting and innovative products, designed to reward its users with a systematic profit redistribution program based on their betting activity

Industry Problems

Lack of Accountability and Transparency

Centralized sportsbooks are in ultimate control of user funds and may change rules and reverse bets at their discretion. Booking ledgers are never publicly disclosed, allowing for possible misappropriation of funds.

Nominal Rewards Programs and Incentives

The regulated global betting market is worth over $70B yet there are no meaningful rewards programs or compensation offered to losing players as operators are focused on maximizing profits.

Minimal Product Innovation

Despite live betting surpassing pre-game wagering in total betting handle, minimal product innovation has been made in this space over the past several years.

WinFlow Solution

Smart contracts, a distributed network, and SGX Oracle systems with publicly auditable code will be utilized to immediately process and settle bets in a fully transparent environment to ensure complete fairness.

WinFlow will offer an active profit sharing rewards program, redistributing profits to its users based on their betting activity.

WinFlow’s euro-collateralized token will allow users to place bets with assurance that their account value will not diminish due to token price volatility.

WinFlow will be at the forefront of live betting innovation, introducing new products focused on play-by-play betting and multiplayer contests.

How it Works


Full sportsbook with over 40,000 pre-match and 20,000 live betting events in 21 sports, optimized for desktop and mobile use to offer bettors the same user experience they are accustomed to through traditional sports betting platforms

A novel pooled betting game where players can bet on goals and other events to occur within 5-minute game segments with increasing jackpot payouts paid to winners

Fast-paced play-by-play betting on events to occur within the next 1-5 minutes of football matches for all major European soccer leagues and competitions enhanced by bonus bets and payout multipliers

In-game fantasy-sports style contest where players pay a fixed entry fee and are rewarded for correct predictions made throughout a half using a virtual budget, with payouts awarded to the highest-scoring players


Hashgraph can attain throughput of hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with consensus latency under 10 seconds. This will allow WinFlow to build its dynamic live and play-by-play betting products on the Hedera distributed network.

Hedera Hashgraph is asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (aBFT), the strongest form of security attainable for a distributed network, and DDOS resilient so player funds are always secure and the WinFlow platform is always accessible.

Consensus timestamps are determined democratically via a virtual voting process and not by a leader or miner. Timestamps can be checked against publicly auditable code from WinFlow's SGX oracle system to guarantee fairness.

Network efficiency and the Hashgraph consensus algorithm will allow fees to be small fractions of transactional costs associated with proof-of-work blockchains. These cost savings will maximize the value of WinFlow's rewards and profit sharing program.

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